AMES, IOWA, US — Landus Cooperative’s Jefferson, Iowa, US, location is expected to resume grain receiving and corn drying operations in time for the 2021 fall harvest following a dust explosion on Friday, May 14.

The company said it believes storage capacity will be sufficient to meet farmer expectations.

“We’re so thankful to the local fire and rescue teams who responded to last Friday’s emergency and even more thankful that no one was hurt,” said Matt Carstens, president and chief executive officer of Landus. “True to ‘The Landus Way’ of acting with agility, courage, teamwork, and speed, we are now forging ahead with the planning to rebuild our Jefferson location to be bigger and better than before.”

No injuries were reported following the explosion and an investigation into the cause of it is underway.

Co-located on the Jefferson site is local agronomy services, the Landus Beef Feed Center, and the Landus SoyChlor Production Plant. Agronomy services remain uninterrupted, the Beef Feed Center has resumed to normal operations for feed customers, and the SoyChlor Plant is expected to resume production this week.

According to Sosland Publishing’s 2020 Grain & Milling Annual, the Jefferson location has a total upright storage of 8,852,000 bushels and 1,465,000 bushels of flat storage. Landus Cooperative as a whole has 59 grain storage facilities with a total licensed storage capacity of 177,226,000 bushels.