CREMONA, ITALY — Sergio Antolini, president of Ocrim S.p.A. and chief executive officer of Paglierani S.r.l., will present on May 16 his new book “Argonauta” that follows the journey from wheat to bread.

It is divided into four acts, reminiscent of a classical theatrical experience, and follows the path of wheat through the biological aspects, the historical contexts, the symbolic and cultural contributions.

The acts are modeled in a rhythmic succession of mythological stories, historical chronicles, scientific and biological demonstrations in a story full of alchemical suggestions and esoteric hypotheses.

“This time, for me, a virtual journey of mental images, images not transited on a visual level, intellectual visions accompanied by sculptural, pictorial and photographic works,” Antolini said.

To accompany the text, the artistic works of a refined selection of international authors including Blanco, Conti, Ferrario, Frisoni, Giovagnoli, La Motta, Manfroni, Ravaioli, Sassoli, Schnabel, designed to create references and suggestions.

Furthermore, courtesy of the Guerra family, the book also features a drawing by the poet and screenwriter from Romagna Tonino, a fellow countryman friend of the author.

The volume, produced in a limited edition, shows an accurate and sophisticated graphic design. The choice of particularly valuable papers, with marked material tones, wants to highlight the care of a project with a strong visual and tactile impact, as a container for a literary text that finds in the artistic expression the right background to fully express its identity.