MODICA, ITALY — Ocrim has completed a 200-tpd soft wheat mill for Molino Roccasalva Gaetano with specific attention to sanitation and wholesomeness of the end product.

For this purpose, the grinding section was completed with stainless steel drop piping and plansifters equipped with sieves from the anti-bacterial and anti-microbial series, the latest innovation by Ocrim relative to sanitation. Great attention was also dedicated to the flour silo, a crucial node in soft wheat processing, equipped with a mixing line for the production of numerous types of flours, Ocrim said.

From an energy point of view, the mill was created and designed for the application of an intelligent energy saving system, through the use of synchronous reluctance motors. Installed in place of traditional motors to control the roller mills, the synchronous reluctance motors operate in the optimal situation of yield, guaranteeing the best in current efficiency and, thanks to the inverter, they provide a dynamic response to the kg/h workloads that the motor of each single machine is subjected to. All of this allows work to be constantly carried out at the maximum yield threshold and guarantee savings over 30%. Ocrim said it was careful to seize this technology that the market offers, applying it for the first time to the field of grain grinding. Inverters were also installed on the main machines for the pressurized and suction pneumatic conveyors, in order to achieve the maximum efficiency as the workloads of the entire plant vary.

The partnership between Ocrim and Roccasalva is long-standing. More than 10 years ago, Ocrim built a 200-tpd durum wheat mill for the Sicilian company for the production of semolina for pasta making with a line dedicated to the production of re-ground semolina, increasing the capacity to 300 tpd in just two years.

Today, with this new project, Molino Roccasalva Gaetano has become the largest grinding hub in Sicily, with a durum wheat mill offering a capacity of 200 tpd for the production of conventional and organic re-ground semolina, another mill - also durum wheat of 300 tpd for the production of semolina for pasta making, both conventional and organic and lastly, the new soft wheat plant with 200-tpd capacity for the production of high quality conventional and organic flours. All of the plants have been designed and built in compliance with the strictest hygiene and sanitation standards, guaranteeing a perfect state of product safety and wholesomeness.