PARIS, FRANCE — Bellevue Ingredients & Solutions, part of Panzani Group and Ebro Ingredients and a leader in durum wheat processing in France, on April 28 announced the launch of GEM PLUS functional durum wheat flour.

Gem Plus is a range of functional durum wheat flours that may be adapted to all bread-making processes and bakery applications.

Bellevue Ingredients described GEM PLUS as “the answer to the problems of manufacturers such as volume, softness, freshness, annealing after freezing, machinability, etc.”

“GEM PLUS allows you to take advantage of the many benefits of durum wheat: more taste, a bright golden color, fiber and protein, increased hydration for better yield, less stickiness, fewer defects on the lines and all this without the need to modify the label,” Bellevue Ingredients said.

The range of GEM PLUS products include:

  • GEM PLUS SOFT: To bring softness and freshness to products. For use on milk bread, brioches, soft bread.
  • GEM PLUS VOLUME: For finished products with a nice volume. For use on baguettes, ciabatta, croissants.
  • GEM PLUS RHEOL: For easy to work doughs. For application on laminated baguette, croissants, chapati.
  • GEM PLUS BAKE-OFF: To improve the conservation of frozen dough. For use on baguettes and ciabatta.

Bellevue Ingredients said it offers customized formulas developed according to production constraints and specifications thanks to its team of R&D experts and its mastery of blend technology. For more information, go to: