ELEJA, LATVIA — LPKS Latraps, the largest farmers’ cooperative in Latvia, has become a partner in the port of Alpha in Riga, Latvia.

“Latraps has been researching, analyzing and looking for opportunities for the sustainable development of the grain export industry for 15 years,” said Edgars Ruža, chairman of the board at Latraps. “For many years, the dream of owning a grain handling terminal was cherished. In the process of in-depth research, we tested the port and now we have become 50.01% shareholders in the Alpha port. It has powerful rail and road access and reception and access, ship loading infrastructure, initially sufficient storage capacity suitable for grain handling. By becoming co-owners of a grain handling port, we are shortening the logistics chain.”

According to Latraps, the loading capacity of the terminal vessels exceeds 20,000 tonnes per day and the total amount of grain storage is more than 100,000 tonnes. The terminal’s berth can serve ships of various tonnage, including Panamax ships with a total capacity of more than 70,000 tonnes.

Latraps said its partnership with the port will allow the cooperative to deliver grain to ships faster and with better quality, as well as provide additional grain storage capacity.

In addition, access to the port now shortens the path and costs from the field to the end consumer. Grain growers who have their own storage capacity on their farms will now be able to deliver grain directly to the port in Riga, Latraps said.

“It was our loyalty to the purchased bonds that ensured the successful acquisition of the port,” Ruža said. “Thank you to everyone who invested in Latraps to open the gates to the world grain market even more. The main goal of the investment to develop further sustainably and become partners in the port has been fulfilled.”

Latraps said it now is focused on improving the port to accommodate grain handling. The port most recently was used primarily to handle mineral fertilizers.