BEIJING, CHINA — China’s grain reserves have reached a total of 650 million tonnes meaning the country can feed 1.4 billion people if needed, Global Times reported citing the National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration.

With its current reserves, China can meet domestic market consumption demand for wheat and cereal for more than a year.

The country also has created a food emergency network system that includes:

  • 5,448 grain and oil emergency processing firms
  • 2,777 emergency distribution centers
  • 3,741 emergency storage and transport firms 
  • 43,573 emergency supply networks

During a news briefing on April 2, Liang Yan, deputy head of the administration, said, “Coping with the coronavirus, our capability to ensure grain safety stood the test. China has the basis, conditions, confidence and capability to ensure the nation's grain security.”

Food security concerns were raised during the COVID-19 pandemic, so for the first time China has included a food security plan in its 14th five-year plan 2021-2025, the Global Times reported. It includes the target of the country’s overall grain production capabilities.