SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL — Brazil’s second corn planting in the center-south region is 10 percentage points below the historical average, according to an estimate by Safras & Mercado agribusiness consultancy, Reuters reported.

The second crop is planted in the same areas as soybeans after they have been harvested. The planted area is estimated at 14.1 million hectares but plantings have only reached 86.2% of the area.

Heavy rains delayed harvesting of the soybeans, which impacted the second corn season in large producing states, Reuters said.

Last year at this time, planting of Brazil’s second crop had reached 90.3% of the area.

In a separate report, consultancy AgRural said drier weather helped farmers harvest more of their 2020-21 soybeans in the last few days.

It said 59% of the soy area had been harvested compared to 66% last year.