BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA — Dry conditions are expected to negatively impact Argentina’s soy and corn output, Reuters reported, citing the Buenos Aires Grains Exchange.

Argentina’s farm belt region Pampas has had unusually dry weather since the middle of 2020 and recent low rainfall and extended heatwave has made growing conditions worse.

The exchange decreased Argentina’s 2020-21 corn harvest to 45 million tonnes from the previous estimate of 46 million tonnes of corn, Reuters reported.

The exchange’s weekly report said, “Early-planted soy fields are approaching harvest with expected yields below historical averages. Late-planted soy is seeing losses of harvestable area due to pest attacks and depleted water reserves.”

The report also noted deteriorating conditions for the corn crop as well, decreasing yield forecasts.

The Pampas region is expected to have continued limited rainfall and high temperatures.

The Buenos Aires Grain Exchange lowered its 2020-21 soybean harvest estimate to 44 million tonnes compared with the previous forecast of 46 million, Reuters reported.

The 2020-21 harvest of Argentina’s two main crops are expected to begin soon.