EDE, NETHERLANDS — Royal De Heus on March 1 announced the completion of its acquisition of the Polish compound feed company Golpasz. The transaction has been finalized after approval by the Polish antitrust agency.

With annual sales of almost 500,000 tonnes of compound feed, Golpasz is a market leader in turkey feed on the Polish market and has secured a leading position in broiler feed.

Royal De Heus said the acquisition further strengthens the company’s leading position in Poland.

“Golpasz is a successful, well-managed organization,” said Adam Zaleski, general manager of De Heus Poland. “Similar to De Heus, the activities and company culture at Golpasz are characterized by entrepreneurship and customer orientation. I am convinced that the combination of both companies can further strengthen our market approach.

“Both companies perceive many mutual benefits in the new partnership. De Heus and Golpasz have high-quality specialized knowledge in animal nutrition, animal husbandry and livestock farming. These competences enable both companies to develop and supply tailor-made (nutritional and business) solutions in line with requirements and demands of their farming customers. In addition, Golpasz’ highly specialized knowledge in the area of turkey nutrition adds value to De Heus’ current capabilities. Furthermore, Golpasz will also obtain access to De Heus’ international network and expertise center, providing Golpasz the opportunity to enrich its knowledge and use it to enhance product innovation initiatives, among other things.”

Wieslaw llków, general manager of Golpasz, said he looks forward to the future with full confidence:

“De Heus is an ideal new shareholder for us,” he said. “The company has an excellent reputation. Like us, De Heus maintains a long-term vision. Over the past 20 years, De Heus has demonstrated its ability to establish a sustainable relationship with a growing number of customers and other stakeholders through its focus on customer needs and high-quality products and services. We feel drawn to this.”

In June 2020, Royal De Heus completed the acquisition of the compound feed operations of Neovia Indonesia from Archer Daniels Midland Co., as well as Piensos Muga a Spain-based feed company.

Royal De Heus is active in more than 70 countries through the export of concentrates and premixes, the main ones being in Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East and South America. Globally, the company has more than 6,000 employees.