HANOVER, GERMANY — Next Instruments introduced the CropScan 3000X On Farm Whole Grain Analyzer to measure protein, moisture, oil and starch in wheat, barley, oats, sorghum, corn, soybeans, canola, lupins, peas and more.

It is a replacement of the CropScan 1000H Whole Grain Analyzer and has been designed as a “little brother” to the popular CropScan 3000B and 3000BT.

The most unique feature of the Cr3000X is the manually adjusted pathlength cell. Different grains require different pathlengths. The previous system, the Cr1000H, used a set of inserts or spacers to change the pathlength inside the grain flow cell. The Cr3000X uses a dial up mechanism that allows the operator to select the appropriate pathlength. The software prompts the operator to select the appropriate pathlength depending on the grain or oil seed to be analyzed. This simple system has been copied from the Cr3000B, which automatically adjusts the pathlength using a stepper motor.

The other advantage of the Cr3000X over the Cr1000H is the 7-inch touch screen PC user interface. The simple GIU provides operators the ability to select unlimited products with up to five constituents for each product, i.e., protein, oil, moisture, starch, fiber and others. As well the built-in touch screen PC has 8 GByte of storage, RS232, Ethernet and USB ports.

The CropScan 3000X also may be used with the company’s CropNet Grain Data Management software on a second monitor. The in-built PC runs the CropScan 3000X software and CropNet simultaneously. When the Cr3000X predicts the protein, moisture, oil etc results, it transfers the results to the CropNet software. The spreadsheet-like format allows the operator to enter additional information, including field, silo, farm, truck ID, weight, test weight, screenings, retention, variety, grade and more.

A virtual farm or silo complex is setup in the CropNet software that displays all silos, sheds, bins, bags or any other storage system. As grains are segregated into each storage system, the running average for each constituent and the tonnage are stored and updated. As loads are shipped out the running average and tonnage are adjusted down. Simply click on any silo or bin and the running averages and tonnage will be displayed along with graphics options to show the content of each load of grain in and out of the silo.

For more information on the CropScan 3000X On Farm Whole Grain Analyzer and CropNet Grain Data Management Software, visit www.nextinstruments.net.