REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA — Purely Canada Foods, a wholly owned subsidiary of Above Food Corp., has acquired Kindersley Ingredient Processing Terminal located in Western Saskatchewan.

The terminal can process and ship up to 100,000 tonnes of value-added grains and protein ingredients.

“After 20 years of involvement in the special crop business in west central Saskatchewan, I am pleased that Purely Canada has acquired the Kindersley facility,” said David Knobbs, senior pulse manager of Purely Canada. “It will be a privilege to work closely once again with the producers of peas, lentils, canary seed, and mustard in this region. Our Purely Canada Kindersley team has direct knowledge and understanding of the facility, its capabilities and the producer needs within this region. The west central Saskatchewan region has long been my home and the crops produced are the highest quality and showcase quality with our buyers around the world.”

In October 2020, Purely Canada merged with Above Food Brands, a plant protein food business that develops and distributes plant-based alternatives to meat (Above Meat) and dairy (Above Dairy) through their proprietary Whole-Plant Protein Formulations.

“What we have built is truly disruptive,” said Lionel Kambeitz, executive chairman of the Above Food Corp. “The ability to have custody of these new proteins, including lentils, chickpeas, fava, peas and oats, from seed all the way through to the end consumers dinner plate, allows us to create nutrient density and superior functional performance across our business-to-business, Advanced Ingredient, and business-to-consumer lines of our business.”

Purely Canada is a vertically integrated company supplying whole foods and ingredients and is a wholesale plant-based ingredient provider. It also is Canada’s largest certified organic facility, the country’s fifth largest inland grain terminal, railway infrastructure private railcar fleet, and strategic farm acres. It also purchases, processes, transports, and merchandises identity preserved ingredients from its sales office locations in Regina and Saskatoon, Southern Alberta, and Southern Ontario to global customers in North America, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

“We understand that Nothing is Above Nature,” said Tyler West, co-founder and chief executive officer of Purely Canada. “Our five generations of farmers that have farmed the same lands, have taught us that our relationship with nature defines how we live and what we eat. Our food starts with a seed and is whole by nature’s design. We know every step of its journey from our fields to people’s plates. We know the impact on the environment; we know who has touched it, we know its whole story. And we tell it proudly.”