TUCKER, GEORGIA, US — The US animal food industry learned a little about what they can expect on food and worker safety from federal agencies in 2021 during the American Feed Industry Association’s Feed Education Program on Jan. 26.

The program was part of the virtual International Production and Processing show.

“More than 260 feed industry personnel joined us in learning what is coming down the pike from a new administration and how it could affect our businesses,” said Gary Huddleston, director of feed manufacturing and regulatory affairs at the AFIA. “We know for sure that there will be coronavirus-related safety protections heading our way from OSHA, such as a potential Emergency Temporary Standard, in addition to increased inspections and enforcement.”

The program discussed upcoming priorities for the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Labor and Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration; the Food and Drug Administration’s inspection plans for 2021; educational opportunities from the AFIA; an update on the AFIA’s Feed Facility of the Year program; and the latest food safety and biosecurity practices for feed facilities.

“Water is the No. 1 area to look at when improving biosecurity in a feed facility,” said Richard Obermeyer, director of feed production at Aviagen. “Standing water is a bacterial reservoir and a major fomite for viruses and Salmonella. Getting rid of any possible water spots is a must.”