STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN — Perten Instruments AB of Stockholm, Sweden announced on Sept 2, that it has acquired the Sweden-based instrument manufacturer TexVol Instruments.

Under the terms of the acquisition the BVM range of volume measuring instruments and the TVT range of texture analysis instruments will continue to be delivered to the food industry, now from Perten Instruments. Closing of the acquisition is expected to take place Sept. 14.

Sven Holmlund, chief executive officer (CEO) of Perten Instruments said, “The complimentary nature of the instrument ranges from Perten Instruments and TexVol Instruments allows us to deliver a wider range of analytical solutions to our customers from a single source.”

Johan Bjurenvall, CEO of TexVol Instruments, said, “The financial strength and market position of Perten Instruments provide new opportunities for TexVol products to expand into new applications and territories. Joining forces with Perten Instruments brings greater possibilities for our customers, our distributors, and our employees. I believe it is a great match.”