SHANGHAI, CHINA — Zhengchang said it has upgraded its intelligent platform for feed mills, boosting corporate efficiency by 23%.

 The platform assists feed group customers in the operation and production process to help improve the management and control operation level.

The platform provides intelligent production control through real-time control of the production line and equipment with screen and data viewable on a PC, mobile phone and other terminal devices.

It also provides maintenance plans, reminders and content based on production and operation conditions, and reduces maintenance fees and accessories costs by more than 20%.

The system can provide a parts planning service according to the production situation and increase the time of continuous production.

A fault warning function reduces the downtime of faults, provides fault knowledge base function, and improves fault handling capabilities.

All production data within the group can be automatically counted and compared remotely, saving on manpower.

Power savings are realized by intelligently optimizing the core single-machine production parameters, reducing the power required for the same output.

It automatically collects the production line and key stand-alone machine production capacity, power consumption, quality and other data for comparison, improving management and operation level.

Remote download and upload of recipe data and orders helps ensure efficiency and accuracy and improve data confidentiality. Automatic statistics of warehousing data (raw materials, finished products) provides a data basis for overall production planning.

The system can detect the critical environment in the production line and the abnormality of a key single machine to ensure the production line is in a safe condition.

Environmental data is linked with intelligent production lines to ensure safe production. Preventive reminders of maintenance helps keep the equipment in a safe state.

 According to group management and control requirements, relevant content can be automatically connected and calculated and compared.

 At present, this intelligent system has been used in large domestic and foreign feed companies. Whether it is data management or intelligent benefit improvement, customers are very satisfied and highly appreciated, Zhengchang said.