MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, US — The Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) is expanding its advertising and sponsorship with a new program that will offer a convenient way for companies to connect with GEAPS’ global network of agricultural professionals.

“In the past, the opportunities to connect with the GEAPS network were very limited,” said Steve Records, executive director of GEAPS. “Your options were really only to exhibit at or sponsor GEAPS Exchange or purchase an ad in our directory. However, GEAPS communication and interaction with the industry is far more expansive than just those tools. Our partners have created a lot of content and solutions that make the grain industry safer and more efficient. Part of our mission at GEAPS is to get this information in front of the end-users who will get the biggest benefit.”

The new program is for companies looking to generate brand awareness, and a number of traditional advertising options are available. Ads in the Online Buyers’ Guide and member directory are still options, as well new opportunities like email and web advertisements.

Companies looking to establish their position as thought leaders can publish advertorials or lead webinars.

Options include:

  • In-Grain Bi-Monthly Newsletter
  • Webinars
  • GEAPS.com Banner Ads
  • Directory Ads
  • E-newsletters
  • Online Buyers’ Guide

For more information about the new advertising and sponsorship options, visit the GEAPS website.