SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL — In an effort to end the ongoing Argentine port strike, CIARA-CEC is offering to increase worker salaries in 2020, Reuters reported.

The main goal of the strike is for the workers to receive increased wages particularly for those who continued to work through the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

CIARA-CEC proposed to top up salaries by 35% and offered 70,000-peso bonus for risks endured during the pandemic, Reuters reported.

According to a CIARA-CEC social media post the offer represents, “the highest salaries in the Argentine private sector.”

The strike workers have not responded to the latest offer, but the Argentinian government is encouraging both parties to meet Dec. 29 for a resolution.

Since the strike began on Dec. 9, Rosario port terminals have not received soybeans, delaying the loading of more than 100 cargo ships, Reuters reported.