SHANGHAI, CHINA — Zhengchang said it has the team of experts and equipment to meet the six elements of a good feed project.

These elements include: reasonable plant environmental planning; detailed quality standards for process equipment; strict engineering construction WBS node management and control; international standard quality control system; continuous innovation of smart factories; and stable and reliable equipment.

From site selection of the feed factory to the design of environmental protection and safety supervision, process area must meet the requirements of: the production process, the architectural geomantic, fire protection and environmental protection, and urban planning.

Zhengchang’s professional design team has a set of strict and detailed design quality standards from the factory’s general plan, process plan, three-dimensional rendering of renderings, to three-dimensional engineering design. It will detail plans from the entrance of raw materials through to distribution.

Zhengchang said it strives for perfection in engineering details, focusing on wear-resistant measures of equipment and pipelines, noise treatment measures in feed factories, airflow, dust and odor treatment, dust and explosion prevention, precise measures, and energy-saving details. Fast disposal of tailings and miscellaneous materials, equipment hoisting, startup operation, human-machine safety, and humanized ergonomic design, let the majority of enterprises using Zhengchang equipment engineering gain an environmentally friendly, clean factory.

  Zhengchang pays attention to the technical details of the feed plant engineering, and strives to make every section, all equipment, and every part measurable, so as to avoid waste and improve production quality.

Zhengchang feed project management and control has a total of 255 nodes, which comprehensively control the progress, safety and quality of project construction.

Project progress is reported daily to the working WPS node in the form of real scenes, and horizontal comparisons can also be made between various engineering projects.

Standardized production and on-site assembly greatly shorten the installation period and improve the quality of the project.

Zhengchang insists on intelligent logistics, warehouse, production, production line, quality management and other application businesses, and provides operation management services on this basis.

Dust-free hydraulic grain unloading shed, automatic unpacking machine, and positive pressure of powder into the bin are used for receiving raw materials. In the crushing section, the crushing and feeding materials are automatically discharged and there is broken screen detection with automatic screen changes without stopping.

 Since its establishment in 1918, Zhengchang has insisted on continuous innovation in products, from the first domestic pelletizer developed in the early stage to the largest domestic output 1208 granulator. In terms of crusher equipment, it has a number of patented technologies, including “multi-cavity technology” that increases the efficiency of the crusher by 30%.