PARIS, FRANCE — Despite the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, OMAS is continuing construction of a wheat mill in Paris, France.

“Programming and organizational skills are our strong suits,” said Luigi Nalon, chief executive officer of OMAS, when talking about the company’s approach to this unprecedented challenge.

The OMAS team working on the Paris-based plant includes 22 specialized mechanics who are completing the assembly of the mill despite the problems caused by the lockdown.

To protect their health, all OMAS operators were tested for COVID-19 before leaving for Paris.

Four months into the project, 75% of this huge milling system is already assembled, in line with the timetable, OMAS said.

“An excellent result, considering the ongoing pandemic. We could achieve it thanks to the professionalism of our supervisors and expertise of our assemblers, whose priority was to meet the client’s goal to start up the mill on the agreed date,” Nalon said. “A handshake is even more binding than a contract. We at OMAS comply with our agreements to provide our clients with excellent service.”