PENRITH, AUSTRALIA — Satake Australia’s newly introduced kit-silo has been successfully installed at Esperance Quality Grains Pty Ltd. located in the southeast of Western Australia.

Esperance Quality Grains Pty Ltd. (EQG) is a locally owned comprehensive service provider to the local agricultural industry. Established in 2002, its service now includes grain handling and storage, drying and cleaning of grain, redelivery of all grain, and grain trading and exporting.

With its recent growing business demand, EQG is currently expanding its facilities, including segregated storage holding capacity, and Satake's new silo best suited with EQG's requirement; strong, reliable, affordable, quality silos with shorter delivery time.

The modular type silo provided by Satake comes with a complete set of fasteners and instruction manual for installation on site. It does not require any special tools or holding frames on site for installation. Customers can simply hire a crane and install it themselves.

“With standard silos, we must send a truck with over-size width, which prohibits them to drive over-night and sometimes requires them to drive slow during daytime,” said Warwick Tickner, general manager of Denny's Silo Division. “With this new silo, we can generally fit three silos in one 40’ container. This will allow for faster delivery at a reduced freight cost to the customer and by avoiding the use of over-size loads on truck, it will also improve the road safety.

“This new design silo does not compromise the quality of the product, and still delivers the same long-lasting quality product for customers as our standard silos do.”

Kenji Yamashita, president of Satake Australia, said there has been positive feedback already from growers who deliver grain into Esperance Quality Grains on the quality and size of the silo.

“Having this exposure and promotion will hopefully see inquiries in the future, further expanding our growing client list,” he said.

Esperance Quality Grains are also a distributor of the newly designed, Satake Australia Denny's Silo Division kit silo within a 300-km radius of Esperance. This will allow for a personal touch from a local distributor to growers in the area who already has an extensive network of clients, Satake said.