When Punja Kara left India for Fiji in 1917, he had little money but a lot of ambition.

He started his new life in Fiji as a hawker of simple jewelry and after 10 years had saved up enough money to open a small country store in Cuvu, near Sigatoka, in 1935. That same year, together with his sons, he laid the foundation for Punja & Sons. According to the Punjas Group of Companies website, “the business grew at a remarkable pace, offering customers the widest possible choice of products and a firm assurance of quality with every item sold.”

The business continued to grow as he ventured into the wholesale, trading, marketing and distribution of essential basic consumer goods. Eventually, he began manufacturing these goods.

Today, the company has expanded into a diverse enterprise that employs over 800 with interests in manufacturing, processing, packaging, printing, distribution, imports and exports.