MOSCOW, RUSSIA — A portion of Russia’s winter grain sowings, about 22%, are considered to be in bad shape, Reuters reported citing a state weather forecaster.

During the sowing of winter grain some of Russia’s farmers experienced dry weather, particularly in southern regions.

Dmitry Rylko, the head of the IKAR agriculture consultancy, told Reuters, “We see that the share of winter grain sowings in bad condition is the highest since 2013. However, the share of sowings in good condition is not at lowest since 2013. Maybe it is not a bad sign for the future crop.”

The other share of winter grain crops, about 78%, are in good or satisfactory condition, according to the weather forecaster.

Sovecon, an agriculture consultancy in Moscow, anticipates the condition of the 2021 grain crop to improve based on rain and warm weather and projects a 9% loss of sowing after winter.