SHANGHAI, CHINA — Zhengchang has introduced a third-generation premium chicken feed system-658 offering a high-quality pelleting process system.

The system is a result of four years of research with several off-site experiments and joint trials with key customers in the final stage.

Zhengchang said the system can improve the quality of feed and breeding. It reduces the feed-to-meat ratio of broiler chickens (increasing chicken gizzards), ensures that green and safe feed is produced, ensures the health and safety of grandparents’ hens, and prolongs life and the laying period. While comprehensively improving the quality of feed and breeding, it can also greatly improve the efficiency of the enterprise. Taking a 50,000-tpy feed factory as an example, it can feed about 10 million chickens, 3 kilogram per chicken, and 10 yuan per kilogram. The feed-to-meat ratio is reduced by 0.05.

At the same time, the system can also effectively reduce costs, increase operational value, and help customers build unique market competitiveness, the company said. The Zhengchang 200kw granulator can reach 14.5 tph, which is 3 tons higher than others. The power consumption per ton is 3.6 degrees lower than its counterparts.

The system adopts industry-leading process design, Zhengchang said. The whole process is temperature-controlled and tempered, the quality-adjustable time is 5 to 8 minutes, and the outlet material temperature can reach 70 to 90 degrees, which can completely remove Salmonella.

The whole process of granulation is automated and intelligent, and the gelatinization degree of corn in the coarse powder state can be as high as 34.1%. The oil absorption is large at 7% to 9%. Under the same ring molding ratio, the particle hardness can reach 50-60N (3 min).