KIEV, UKRAINE — UkrAgroConsult will be hosting its Black Sea Region, Price Driving Forces 20-21 conference virtually, on Dec. 8.

The conference host plans to team up with agribusiness experts to analyze how the grain and oilseeds markets have evolved. Attendees can also expect hear about 2021 grain and oilseed production forecasts and review major challenges and fundamental trends in the global market.

Key topic discussions include:

  • Grain and oilseed markets in 2021. Demand and crop production prospects
  • The global price rally – how long to last?
  • Is the era of low prices for Black Sea grains over? The region’s impact on the global commodity pricing
  • Pandemic. Crude oil. Currency factors
  • Global weather conditions – under-seeding, winter crop outlook
  • Poor crops sales and food security
  • Australia: a comeback for increased competition?
  • Uncertainty in grain supplies from Brazil and the US

For more information or to register for the conference, visit the event website.