PARIS, ONTARIO, CANADA — The Scoular Co. has expanded its grain operations into Ontario, Canada, with a new partnership.

The new partnership will allow Scoular to buy directly from Ontario producers and Martin Farming and handle grain in its new elevator, which has a total storage capacity of 865,000 bushels, or 22,000 tonnes.

“This agreement is a milestone for Scoular as we continue to grow in the Ontario market,” said Garrett Timmons, trade unit manager of Scoular. “Our new partnership with a trusted producer like Martin Farming builds on Scoular’s long history and strong reputation as a North American grain company.”

Scoular operates several other facilities in Canada, including three plants in Manitoba and four in Saskatchewan and one office each in Saskatchewan and Alberta. The company markets Canadian pulses, flax, sunflowers, wheat, canola, barley, corn and soybeans.

“We are excited to partner with a trusted company like Scoular to serve producers in southwestern Ontario,” said Kris Martin, owner of Martin Farming.

According to Sosland Publishing’s 2020 Grain & Milling Annual, Scoular has a total of 78 grain storage facilities with a total licensed grain storage capacity of 131 million bushels.

Scoular, in business for 128 years, has offices and facilities worldwide and more than $4 billion in sales. The company provides global and diverse supply chain solutions for end-users and suppliers of grain, feed ingredients and food ingredients.

Martin Farming has farmed for more than 30 years in the region. Owner Kris Martin leases and sharecrops many farms in the Brant County region. He also operates a commercial grain freight division called Grain Care.