FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA, US — Healthy Food Ingredients has added two specialty mills, one in Valley City, North Dakota, US, and the other in Watertown, South Dakota, US.

The mill in Valley City allows Fargo-based HFI to process in-house a range of gluten-free pulses, ancient grains and seeds into custom-milled, consumer-ready flours. Products are shipped to industry channels such as manufacturers. The flours also may be packed for private label retail inside the facility.

“With the addition of our allergen-free mill in Valley City, ND, we are meeting the needs of our customers, including micro-reduction processing under our IntegriPure brand,” said Jay Johnson, chief operating office for HFI.

The new mill in Watertown offers cereal grain ingredients, including whole, finely milled and blended. The facility processes such cereal grains as wheat, rye, barley and sorghum.

“We are pleased to create a more diverse offering of cereal grain ingredient options to meet the growing demand from manufacturers with our enhanced milling opportunities,” Johnson said.