MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — Cargill announced on Sept. 29 that it will offer Australian canola farmers a sustainable canola marketing program which will provide access to the European biofuel market.

“We can offer the sustainable canola marketing opportunity following recent 2BSvs standard certification of our sustainable management system as compliant with the E.U. Renewable Energy Directive,” said Ralph Selwood, managing director, Cargill Australia.

The 2BSvs consortium was founded in 2010 by the French biofuel, biodiesel and bioethanol production industries to create and manage the 2BSvs Biomass Biofuels Sustainability voluntary scheme to help comply with E.U. requirements in terms of biofuel sustainability.

“Cargill Australia is the first company outside of Europe to be certified to 2BSvs under this scheme. Its biomass biofuels sustainable scheme is approved by the European Commission, and is such recognized by E.U. member countries,” said Selwood.

The E.U. Renewable Energy Directive sets targets for all member states, aiming for the E.U. to reach a 20% share of energy from renewable sources by 2020 and a 10% share of renewable energy specifically in the transport sector.

As part of the certification, Cargill Australia was audited by Bureau Veritas Australia Pty Ltd to ensure compliance with the E.U. regulations and 2BSvs scheme requirements.

“This certification allows Australian canola farmers participating in this program access to EU markets,” said Selwood. “As a company, Cargill is globally committed to promoting renewable resources of biomass crops to produce environmentally-friendly biofuels.”