BRUSSELS, BELGIUM — In its fifth forecast for 2020, COCERAL sees the total grain crop in the EU-27+UK at 293.6 million tonnes, down from the 295.5 million tonnes seen in the fourth forecast in August and 18.8 million tonnes below the 2019 level of 312.4 million tonnes.

Wheat production (excluding durum) is projected almost unchanged from the previous estimate at 129.2 million tonnes. This compares to last year’s crop of 146 million tonnes.

The EU’s 2020 barley production is now forecast at 61.3 million tonnes, down from the 62.5 million tonnes seen in the previous forecast and from the 63.2 million tonnes last year. COCERAL said the downward revision is mainly due to downward revisions for the UK, the Balkan countries and parts of Scandinavia, which cannot offset a further upward revision in Spain.

The EU’s 2020 corn crop is revised lower to 62.8 million tonnes from the previous forecast of 64.6 million tonnes. Last year’s crop was at 65.3 million tonnes. Hot and dry weather has further reduced yield potential, especially in the Balkan countries.

The 2020 rapeseed production forecast for the EU-27+UK has remained unchanged at 17 million tonnes. Last year’s crop stood at 16.8 million tonnes.

Unfavorable growing conditions in many parts of the EU have led to smaller crops, particularly wheat.

COCERAL is the European association representing the trade in cereals, rice, feedstuffs, oilseeds, olive oil, oils and fats and agrosupply.