HOPKINSVILLE, KENTUCKY, US – Siemer Milling Company has increased production capacity at its flour mill in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, US, by adding a whole wheat milling unit, and is now expanding the existing C mill.

The new D mill is a 2,000 cwt-per-day unit dedicated to whole wheat flour.  Its centerpiece is the recently introduced Multimpact Hammer Mill manufactured by Bühler.  The Multimpact is energy-sparing and can efficiently and flexibly produce whole wheat flour in a wide range of granulations for many different applications. 

“The D Mill will enhance our whole wheat flour production consistency while also improving the overall productivity of our Hopkinsville plant," said David Jansen, vice president of production at Siemer Milling. "Both our customers and our company will benefit from our greater capabilities."

Expansion of the C-mill is on track to be completed by December 2020. Capacity will increase from 5,500 to 7,000 cwts per day of conventional flour. 

“Possible expansion was taken into account in designing the C Mill 10 years ago, so building modification will be minimal, and equipment installation will be quick,” Jansen said.

By the end of this year, the Hopkinsville plant will have a daily production capacity of 20,500 cwts per day in four milling units, along with 3.5 million bushels of wheat storage.  Products made at Hopkinsville include soft and hard wheat flour, wheat germ, wheat bran – fine and coarse, and whole wheat flour.

According to Sosland Publishing’s 2020 Grain & Milling Annual, the increase in capacity makes the Hopkinsville mill the 15th largest in North America. It also moves Siemer’s overall milling capacity to 41,000 cwts, tying it for ninth with Bartlett Milling Company.

Siemer Milling, based in Teutopolis, Illinois, US, was established in 1882.