HIROSHIMA, JAPAN — Satake Corp. announced Joe Escamilla of Satake USA, Inc. received the company’s first global Excellent Employee Award.

Other winners included Michael Stephen Wain of Satake Europe Ltd. and Nitin Gadekar of Satake Australia Pty. Ltd.

“Winners have shown extraordinary effort to further advance our technology and support our valuable customers thus contributing to gaining customers’ trust and confidence toward our group,” said Kazuyuki Kihara, vice chairperson of the Satake Group. “Our 124 years history consists of continuous effort in developing innovative technology and solutions for our customers. It is employees like these who encourage and motivate the whole group to become one team to further continue building the history.”

The grand prize recipient, Joe Escamilla said, “I would like to thank the entire Satake group for recognizing the efforts taken in devoting myself to our company’s goals. Receiving the award is an absolute honor and could not be achieved without the guidance of my superiors and all my fellow colleagues. I’ve learned so much throughout my career at Satake and look forward to a bright future within Satake for years to come. I will continue to focus on Satake’s goals and hopefully make a positive impact within and outside of our company.”

The Satake Excellent Employee Award was established in 2019 and awarded annually to its global employees with outstanding performance and contribution. The winners are chosen by the management team of all global group companies and announced normally in the spring. The publication of the 2019 award was delayed due to the COVID-19 situation.