BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA — COFCO International has reopened its Timbues, Argentina, grain plant after a temporary shutdown due to 12 employees testing positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19), Reuters reported.

COFCO tested 77 other employees that were negative for COVID-19. The outbreak occurred in the plant’s sampling station. The plant idled operations on July 27.

Allan Virtanen, global communications director for COFCO International, told Reuters, “Timbues is largely operational with full capacity available and we expect the last section, the sampling station, to also be back in operation around Wednesday this week. The plant is not receiving trucks until the sampling station gets back online. But there is sufficient stock to crush and load vessels now.”

Bunge also briefly halted operations at its Puerto General San Martin, Argentina, grain facility when an employee tested positive for COVID-19.

Bunge resumed operations on July 31 after no other additional COVID-19 cases came back positive, a company spokesperson told Reuters.

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