BUCHAREST, ROMANIA — Inconsistent rainfall has negatively impacted Romania’s market year 2020-21 grain production, according to a Global Agricultural Information Network report from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

A 19% production dip is expected for Romania’s 2020-21 market year wheat production. The USDA estimates a total of 7 million tonnes will be produced following the production drop in the southeastern and eastern regions from continued dry weather conditions.

Some of Romania’s spring crop did receive promising rainfall helping its corn crop develop. Many regions still dealt with poor growing conditions due to dry weather. The USDA projects Romania’s 2020-21 market year corn production to decrease 1.2 million tonnes to 12.8 million tonnes, which is 10% decrease compared to last year’s harvest.

Similar to wheat, the barley crop did not benefit as much as corn from the spring rain. The USDA forecasts 2020-21 market year barley production to decline 16% to a total of 1.35 million tonnes.

The Romanian government is working to allocate support payments to compensate weather-affected farmers. Romania’s Ministry of Agriculture estimates about 35,000 farmers with 1.17 million hectares of land out of 2.19 million hectares are eligible for relief. The total support budget for grains and oilseeds is $267 million.