BEIJING, CHINA — Sinograin said on July 14 that it found no quality concerns in a warehouse of corn that was shown in a social media video over the weekend, Reuters reported.

The video showed a pile of grain inside a warehouse managed by Zhadong, a subsidiary of Sinograin, with mold and a large amount of foreign material.

Reuters said it could not verify the authenticity of the video.

“After preliminary verification, the quantity and quality problems of the batch of corn reflected in the video are basically inconsistent with the facts,” Sinograin said.

A third-party testing group found the color and odor to be normal and the indicators for moisture and impurities were in line with national standards, Sinograin said.

“The quality requirements are basically consistent with the quality indicators of the batch of corn when it was submitted for auction,” Sinograin said.

The company said it had found some foreign material had got into the corn at certain points but this did not reflect the quality in the whole warehouse.

Sinograin did however find that the warehouse, which had been leased, was illegally charging additional loading fees, and said it would deal with the findings according to the law.