NADOR, MOROCCO — Ocrim has been contracted by Compagnie SABA SA to build a 650 tpd wheat mill in Morocco.

Ocrim will supply the entire system starting with reception, with a wheat pre-cleaning line, all the way to shipment of the finished product with high-capacity bagging stations for products, by-products and granulates.

It will be a cutting-edge plant, with Ocrim advanced machines and latest-generation equipment, aiming to offer high efficiency when it comes to energy saving and sanitation, as well as plant automation and management system.

Ocrim also will introduce the modular system, which allows maintenance only on the machines concerned without stopping the entire line. This involves more productivity and flexibility in planning scheduled or emergency maintenance.

Alberto Antolini, chief executive officer of Ocrim, traveled to Nodor, Morocco, to meet with Mostafa El Maddarsi, chairman of Compagnie SABA, SA and the entire family. He delivered a football signed by everyone who played a decisive part in negotiations.

“Unlike in a real football match, this time we can declare that both teams won; they will work together to make the project a great success, thanks to the professional empathy that unites us,” El Maddarsi said.