PARIS, FRANCE — The European Commission again reduced its forecast for this year’s wheat harvest in the EU, now estimating production of 117.2 million tonnes, down from 121.5 million tonnes a month ago, Reuters reported.

Usable production of soft wheat in 2020-21 would be 10% lower than last year’s crop of 130.9 million tonnes. At the end of May, the commission had reduced soft wheat estimates by 4 million tonnes.

The commission did not explain the forecast cut, Reuters said, but it followed a reduction by the EU’s crop monitoring service to yield outlook due to dry spring conditions.

Country estimates showed a 12% drop to 30.3 million tonnes for France, the EU’s top wheat grower.

Exports were revised down to 25 million tonnes from 26.5 million tonnes estimated earlier in the year.

The harvest forecast for maize was increased for a second straight month to 71.9 million tonnes while barley was little changed at 56.1 million tonnes.

The rapeseed crop was down from previous estimates to 15.4 million tonnes.