BRUSSELS, BELGIUM — Compound feed production in the European Union in 2019 fell by 1% from the previous year to 163.3 million tonnes, according to data provided by members of the European Feed Manufacturers’ Federation (FEFAC).

The figure mirrors the 1% decline in global feed production in 2019, according to results from a survey by Alltech, released in February.

FEFAC said EU cattle feed production declined by 2.2% compared to 2018 when drought conditions led to the poor forage harvests, which were compensated by demand for feed grains and compound feed.  The biggest decrease in cattle feed output was reported in Ireland, where production declined 18%.

EU poultry feed production in 2019 is estimated to be essentially flat at 55 million tonnes, while pig feed output decreased by 0.5%, mainly due to the African swine fever (ASF) outbreak, to 50 million tonnes.

Romania and Bulgaria, the two EU countries most impacted by ASF, saw pig feed production decline by 20% and 9%, respectively. In ASF-free countries, output was reported to be at the same or slightly higher levels in 2019.

As for the 2020 outlook, FEFAC is expecting a decrease in EU compound feed production of 3% to 6%, although it noted that “uncertainty levels still remain high due to many unpredictable parameters, including continued animal disease outbreaks and impacts on demand for products of animal origin linked to the pace and scope of national COVID-19 deconfinement measures.”