DULUTH, GEORGIA, US — The AGCO Agriculture Foundation (AAF), a private foundation working to end hunger through sustainable agricultural development, launched its COVID-19 Aid Program with a $100,000 grant to the World Food Program USA (WFP USA).

The AAF COVID-19 Aid Program’s grant to WFP USA will support the WFP, a humanitarian agency fighting hunger, to continue to deliver food and critical supplies at full capacity. AGCO said its donation will focus on populations in Africa and Latin America.  

“The urgency of hunger worldwide has become even more critical with the addition of the coronavirus, and we are directing our global support to the World Food Program USA in support of WFP’s COVID-19 relief efforts,” said Lucinda Smith, board chairman of the AAF. “Our funding will help monitor the impact of the pandemic, pre-position food and medical supplies in vulnerable communities in Africa and Latin America, as well as lend support to newly established supply chain coordination cells on the ground.”

The AAF is matching donations up to $100,000 made at this link: www.wfpusa.org/aaf-match.

Metti Richenhagen, managing director of the AAF, invited stakeholders to support the WFP USA global emergency response.

“The AGCO Agriculture Foundation has launched the COVID-19 Aid Program with total funding of $500,000 and is also making grants to local non-profit organizations focused on the prevention and relief of hunger in the communities where we live and work across the globe,” Richenhagen said.

Barron Segar, president and chief executive officer of the WFP USA, was pleased with the AAF’s aid in helping the organization work to end hunger.

“We are grateful to AGCO Agriculture Foundation for their generous donation and support to raise much needed funding for WFP’s COVID-19 response efforts,” Segar said. “WFP serves as the logistics and transportation backbone to the humanitarian community and AAF’s contribution is critical to ensuring WFP can get lifesaving food and supplies to millions of the most vulnerable people.”

The AAF, created by AGCO Corp. in 2018, is a private foundation with the goal to prevent and relieve hunger. The foundation initiates programs that support food security, foster sustainable agricultural development and build agricultural infrastructure in farming communities.

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