ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA, U.S. — Dale A. Hill, ADM Alliance Nutrition and Paul Phillips, Maxi-Lift/Southwest Agri-Plastics, were recently named the American Feed Industry Association’s (AFIA) 2011 Members of the Year.

Hill and Phillips received the honor during the annual meeting of AFIA’s board of directors. The AFIA Member of the Year award is given to an individual who exhibited amazing support in helping the association achieve its goals and objectives over the previous year.

Dale Hill is manager of companion animal nutrition with ADM Alliance Nutrition, with a background in dryland and irrigated crop production and livestock production. Hill has served on the AFIA Pet Food Committee since 2009 and served as chair this last year. He spearheaded the effort to review, renew and publish an updated version of “Salmonella Control Guidelines,” which was distributed to the membership and FDA in December 2010.

“Salmonella Control Guidelines” has a rich history and began over 40 years ago with USDA. AFIA published the first edition in 1970 and renewed it in 1991. The Pet Food Committee, under Hill’s capable leadership spent many hours reviewing drafts, developing new insights based on current science and meeting with FDA to reach agreement on a number of scientific efforts, AFIA said. Hill was responsible for reviewing and incorporating comments, finalizing the draft and keeping the document on track. It was a monumental undertaking in addition to his other work in chairing the committee, AFIA said.

“Dale worked many long hours on the Salmonella Guide and it paid off. He squeezed this work in with his many responsibilities, because he saw the value of such an industry document that would benefit all firms,” said AFIA vice-president, Richard Sellers. “That says that he realizes the greater good that working for the industry will benefit his firm also.”

Paul Phillips is executive vice-president of Maxi-Lift and vice-president of marketing for Southwest Agri-Plastics. Over the past several years Phillips has been a strong advocate for the AFIA Equipment Manufacturers Committee’s (EMC) Scholarship Fund, AFIA said. He has worked tirelessly to increase that fund so that more Kansas State University scholarships can be awarded to students entering the feed industry. Currently, the scholarship fund has over $70,000 and makes $2,500 donations annually to Kansas State University (KSU) for scholarships.

“As chairman of the Equipment Manufacturers Committee, Paul serves as a liaison between EMC and Kansas State University,” said Keith Epperson, AFIA vice-president of manufacturing and training. “Despite his other duties, he worked tirelessly not only promoting AFIA, but in raising money for the KSU Scholarship Fund.”

While serving on the AFIA board of directors and executive committee, Paul Phillips served as chair of the EMC. He was a pioneer, charter trustee of the Institute for Feed Education and Research (IFEEDER) and one of its first donors. While a trustee, he produced a credible, dynamic video for IFEEDER and shepherded the development of the foundation’s website. He also serves on the Safe Feed/Safe Food Board-level Advisory Task Force.

“Paul is a great marketing-oriented professional that saw the value of AFIA’s new fledgling foundation early in its development,” said Sellers. “Using his great talents, he jumped in, assisting with an IFEEDER marketing video and developing the foundation’s website. Not to mention, during that time, he was a board director and served on AFIA’s Executive Committee, as well as chair of EMC, filling several pivotal roles in supporting and serving the industry at the same time.”