KIEV, UKRAINE — Ukraine’s wheat exports dropped 37% the week of April 18-24 following a record jump in the previous week, according to preliminary data from APK-Inform, Reuters reported.

Exports declined to 215,000 tonnes from 341,000 tonnes, according to the data. In the current season, which runs July to June, Ukraine has already exported 18.8 milion tonnes of wheat.

Government officials have said the nation is ready to ban wheat exports if the total exceeds 20.2 million tonnes, the amount agreed upon with traders.

Overall grain exports fell to 725,000 tonnes in the week ended April 24 from 1.141 million tonnes the previous week.

Most of Ukraine's grain exports have gone to Egypt, Turkey and Spain this season.

Ukraine harvested a record 75.1 million tonnes of grain in 2019, up from 70 million tonnes in 2018.