GLADESVILLE, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA — The Manildra flour mill in New South Wales, Australia, is working to upgrade and increase production as it is experiencing unprecedented demand for flour.

“As Australia’s leading flour producer, we’re proud to step up production of locally-made flour, operating our mills around the clock to meet demand,” Manildra said in a Facebook post. “Since the coronavirus pandemic, we have significantly increased our retail flour production by more than 50%, working with retailers and wholesalers to restock the nations supermarket shelves.”

In light of this increased demand Manildra is expanding its retail packing capacity at its Manildra Flour Mill. According to the company, the addition will produce more than 50 million 1-kg bags per year. Installation is expected to begin July 2020.

The Manildra mill is located in central west NSW. The mill grinds wheat to produce a full range of flours, from low-protein biscuit flours and protein-enriched flours through to household and baker’s flours and specialty flours.

The Manildra mill is one of four owned by the Manildra Group.

The Manildra Group is a family-owned Australian group of agribusiness companies. The company’s product range includes supplying industries from food to pharmacy, fuel and energy, building to brewing and more.

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