PARKSIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA — Viterra Australia has been recertified as Green Food supply chain.

The Green Food certification is issued by the Green Food Development Center, operated by the Ministry of Agriculture for China, and represents agricultural and other products that have passed a set of standards in quality control and management at all points in the supply chain.

The approval is in line with Viterra’s continued dedication of providing quality, food safe grain.

“The recertification issued to Glencore Agriculture encompassing the Viterra supply chain helps buyers to maintain a market for South Australian barley and strengthens relationships with Chinese barley customers who often require their sourced product to be aligned with Green Food standards,” the company said.

Viterra has been Green Food certified for nine years and underwent a three-day audit last year to receive the recertification. The audit included visits to Viterra’s laboratory, a port terminal site and storage and handling site to understand the business’ operations and processes in place. Auditors also met with growers to discuss their growing practices.

“To ensure South Australian grain meets the requirements of end users both domestically and internationally, Viterra has maintained its ISO 22000 certification for over 20 years, the highest certification of any grain supply chain in Australia,” the company said. “The business also opened a purpose-built laboratory in 2018 and has since purchased additional testing equipment to further enhance its capabilities.”