SANTIAGO, CHILE — Chile’s wheat and corn production are expected to decrease due to limitations imposed by droughts, according to a March 27 Global Agricultural Information Network report from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Chile’s marketing year 2020-21 wheat production is forecast to decrease 2.4%, to 1.28 million tonnes, with lowered planted area and droughts hitting the O’Higgins and Maule regions, the USDA said.

The country’s 2020-21 wheat consumption is projected to reach 2.835 million tonnes. In order to cover domestic demand Chile’s wheat stocks are anticipated to decrease to 249,000 tonnes, the USDA said.

Despite a drop in wheat production, wheat imports also are expected to fall 3.5%, to 1.35 million tonnes, following the deprecation of the Chilean peso.

The country’s corn is adversely negatively by the drought sinking its 2020-21 marketing year production by 3%, to 837,000 tonnes, the USDA said.

Chile’s total corn consumption will reach 3.53 million tonnes and imports are forecast to reach 2.7 million tonnes, propelled by increased feed demand.