ISTANBUL, TURKEY — Alapala was accepted into the Turquality Brand Support Program, which is the first and only government-sponsored brand development program in the world.

The purpose of the program is to create Turkish brands that can be a world brand.

The process examines topics including:  strategic planning, financial performance, supply chain management, brand management, brand power, product design development, marketing trade management, corporate governance and information systems’ one by one.

Alapala is among the “top 1,000 exporters of Turkey” and exports 95% of its production. The Turquality program has been established with the aim of “branding Turkish products abroad, placing the image of Turkish goods.”

Alapala, the first company in the sector to be accepted into the brand, emphasized that it will move forward toward becoming a global brand.

“With our story that started in 1954 in Çorum, today we have become one of the two largest companies in the mill technologies sector worldwide,” said Görgem Alapala, chief executive officer of Alapala Group. “We have established more than 650 turnkey factories in more than 120 countries across four continents, including developed industrial countries such as Germany, France, Italy, and the United States. We are very proud to be accepted into the Turquality Brand Support Program. We believe that we will take stronger steps internationally and make great contributions to the country's economy with the first and only branding program established with the support of our state, which continues its efforts to promote the important brands of our country to the whole world.”