WEST PERTH, AUSTRALIA — This harvest will mark the inaugural year of CBH Group's Quality Optimisation system, designed to provide Western Australian growers with more flexibility and control over their wheat, CBH said on Aug. 29.

The system allows growers to individually optimize by blending loads of wheat online through LoadNet after delivery.

CBH Quality Manager Mathew Regan said that blending is now as easy as dragging and dropping loads with a computer mouse.

"The system is ready to go and has proven to be simple to use. It is literally a drag and drop system, where you highlight loads to blend and see what affect it has on your bottom line," he said. "You can manually optimize or let the system automatically calculate a scenario for you based on value or quality. We think growers will find it can save them time on farm at harvest, leaving blending to later and focusing on getting the crop off as quickly as possible when it really counts."

Not all wheat is optimizable under Quality Optimisation and growers should make themselves familiar with some of the eligibility criteria and limits in place this year.

These limits help CBH to manage the risk associated with introducing a 'grower averaging' system by giving it the knowledge and ability to match physical grain to what has been blended virtually.

"Growers should not feel alone or afraid of this technology. We have loads of support available, from information packs to face-to-face workshops," said Regan. "There will also be a dedicated Quality Optimisation call center set up for harvest this year to make sure we can help growers through this exciting transition."

Workshops will be run throughout September around Western Australia for growers to learn how to use the LoadNet Optimiser and make the most of their wheat this harvest.