ELLICOTT CITY, MARYLAND, US — The Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, US, flour mill of Wilkins-Rogers, Inc. will cease production in mid-April, the company said on March 2. With the move, the company will have closed its third and last flour mill.

Wilkins-Rogers notified its employees, customers and vendors Feb. 28 of the plans to halt production in Mount Joy next month.

“We have appreciated the opportunity to supply many great baking companies over the years, and we sincerely regret that we are unable to service Mount Joy’s commercial flour customers beyond mid-April,” said Tom Rogers, chief executive officer.

The company also disclosed that a second mill it owns in Pennsylvania, in Palmyra, ceased operations in mid-2018.

The plans to shutter the Mount Joy mill follow by about four months an announcement that Wilkins-Rogers will halt production in Ellicott City, where the company is headquartered, in the Baltimore area.

The Mount Joy flour mill is the largest of Wilkins-Rogers, with 7,000 cwts of daily milling capacity. The facility, which milled soft red wheat, has 575,000 bushels of grain storage capacity.

The Ellicott City flour mill has 4,500 cwts of daily capacity. The company‘s Palmyra mill has 3,000 cwts of daily capacity. Palmyra is located just east of Harrisburg. Mount Joy is 30 miles southeast of Harrisburg. Combined, the three Wilkin-Rogers flour mills have 14,500 cwts of daily milling capacity.

When Wilkins-Rogers announced plans to close the Ellicott City mill in October, the company told the Baltimore Sun it was planning to relocate flour production somewhere in the US Midwest. No update on those plans has been shared. The company declined to offer further comment beyond the confirmation that its flour mills have been closed.

Wilkins-Rogers was established in 1913 in Washington, and the company moved its operations to Ellicott City in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The Ellicott City location milled flour and began producing private label flour for retail grocers in the 1970s.