KIEV, UKRAINE — Ukraine’s grain exports are up 24% for 2019-20 as the nation begins sowing its next crop.

Exports for the July-June season totaled 39.5 million tonnes so far, according to the Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture. Wheat exports reached 16.4 million tonnes, while corn totaled 18.7 million tonnes and barley 4 million tonnes.

Ukraine harvested a record 75.1 million tonnes of grain in 2019, compared to 70 million tonnes in 2018.

Planting for 2020 has started in southern Ukrainian regions, Successful Farming reported, taking advantage of good weather conditions.

Farms in the Mykolayiv region have sown the first 1,000 hectares of spring grains as of Feb. 24, the region’s agriculture department said.