SHANGHAI, CHINA — In the face of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China, ZhengChang, as a leading feed equipment and engineering solution provider, is working to ensure health and safety of its employees and maximizing the promotion of projects in non-epidemic areas.

Feed industry and the local government officials were concerned about the progress of the Belt and Road project, the largest livestock and poultry feed project in Belarus. In the face of this situation, nearly 100 construction workers of ZhengChang readjusted their mental attitude and threw themselves into the project construction while praying for the motherland.

“Although we are in a non-epidemic area, we have not taken it lightly,” said manager Wang, head of ZhengChang team. “We have fully popularized the knowledge of epidemic prevention to the team and have done a good job in health and safety strictly.”

The team members have full confidence in the national epidemic prevention war and in the construction of this international advanced project.

The project construction progress has not been affected, ZhengChang said. As of Feb. 7, the overall project construction progress is 19 days ahead of schedule.

The general leader of the Belarus project expressed concern to the ZhengChang team and his family in China on the epidemic situation. At the same time, he was satisfied that ZhengChang team was still able to maintain professional and systematic engineering services and efficiency during the extraordinary period.