CREMONA, ITALY — Ocrim recently completed successful testing of its branded handling system at Molinos de Costa Rica SA.

The new packaging line, completely automated, is a completion of the existing system for small-cut flour packets intended for the convenience goods sector.

Specifically, the line supplied includes the primary packaging in bags, automatic package quality and quantity control systems, conveyors lines, secondary packaging in shrink-wrapped bundle and in pre-cut cardboard boxes, and finally the double robotic automatic palletizing station and wrapping of pallets with stretch-film.

“Thanks to Ocrim, we will soon have an innovative handling system,” said  Luis José Ruenes Reynoard, general manager of Molinos de Costa Rica SA. “One of the most innovative and automated systems in Central America. We chose Ocrim four years ago, we have done it today and we will do it again in the future”

Alberto Antolini, chief executive officer of Ocrim, said that “feeling a point of reference for Molinos de Costa Rica, one of the most important and technologically advanced companies in Central America, gives us the measure of our growth. It gives us the concrete answer to the natural questions we asked ourselves a few years ago when we took this path of growth and renewal.”

Molinos de Costa Rica entrusted Ocrim for the first time four years ago for the construction and installation of a durum wheat milling plant, with a capacity of 300 tpd.

A few months ago, and after choosing Ocrim for the handling system, Molinos de Costa Rica again entrusted the Cremonese team, signing a contract for a soft wheat mill with a capacity of 320 tpd.