PERCENEIGE, FRANCE — TPLG has introduced the Phaeton sampler for upright sampling that allows for more precision in terms of positioning and requires less mechanical effort to penetrate the grain mass.

The difficultly in designing the sampler was finding a crane principle that could move quickly on all axes, without the cost of an overhead crane, said Hugues Hermand, general manager.

The Phaeton is available in several standard sizes — 16m, 20m, 24m and other sizes on request. The first sampler was installed with the collaboration of the Senalia Group at the port site in Lillebonne, France.

The gantry supporting the carriages and the head of the sampler do not require major civil engineering. The sampling is done by a core probe over the entire depth of the truck, allowing for representative sampling. The electrical enclosure and the suction turbine are located on the sampler and the pipes are supported by a cable tray.

Movement of the Phaeton is fast and accurate, Hermand said, allowing it to take multiple samples in a minimum time, meeting ISO standards while ensuring that customers can sample multiple trucks every day.

The receiving unit, with its highly efficient cycle and low maintenance filtration system, makes it possible to further increase the representativeness of the samples collected, the company said.