AHRENSBURG, GERMANY — The flour improvement company Mühlenchemie will be holding its Fourth International Symposium Sept. 8-9 in Hamburg, Germany. The event will take place under the theme “Future of Flour.” Mühlenchemie said that millers, research scientists and representatives of the milling industry from all parts of the world will exchange information on their latest findings in the field of flour processing, flour improvement and flour fortification and discuss possible new applications.

“By holding the symposium, we wish to express our respect for all millers around the globe and offer them an opportunity to inform themselves on the latest scientific findings and research results, economic trends and technical innovations in the flour industry,” Mühlenchemie’s managing director Lennart Kutschinski said. “But at the same time we regard the symposium as our contribution to shaping the future of the milling industry.”

The organizers said that during the two-day meeting 28 internationally renowned speakers from 18 countries will present papers on a variety of topics including: “The Future of Wheat,” “Emerging Asian Wheat Producers,” “Milling,” “Flour Fortification,” “Science and Technology,” “Baking” and “Ingredients.”

Mühlenchemie said it expects about 300 participants to attend the symposium. The company noted that one highlight of the event will be the presentation of the “flour art award 2010.” Last year Mühlenchemie announced a flour sack competition, the winner of which — the contributor of the 2,010th flour sack — would be honored at this year’s symposium.

Melanie Nikschat will accept registrations and answer any question by telephone (+49 (0) 40 284 039 55) or e-mail ([email protected]). More information on the program can be found at:www.muehlenchemie-symposium.de.