DRIFFIELD, ENGLAND — EB Bradshaw and Sons Ltd. has completed construction of a new flour mill in East Yorkshire, England, that has an annual production capacity of 50.000 tonnes.

The mill is constructed alongside plants that were built in 1990 and 2005 and bring the company’s overall flour production capacity to 160,000 tonnes per annum.

Omas Industries of Padova, Italy, supplied the milling equipment for the project, which took 14 months to complete.

Omas said it was able to meet EB Bradshaw’s three main priorities: food safety and purity of the flour; reduced energy consumption and minimum carbon dioxide emissions; and architectural designs with reduced impact in an area with restrictive regulations in terms of hygiene and environmental safety.

EB Bradshaw said it will expand its capacity on its range of flours, which include high quality breadmaking, biscuit and wholemeal flours, as well as specialized kosher flour for Passover and Halal flours.

The company has a 3% share of the U.K.’s bread flour market and a 13% share of the soft wheat flour market.

EB Bradshaw and Sons was founded in the 1790s when miller William Bradshaw operated three windmills in Bedfordshire. In 1875, William’s grandson, Eleazar B. Bradshaw, was appointed mill manager at Bell Mills in Driffield before purchasing the business from the owner in 1894.

Today, the business is still operated by William’s direct descendants, cousins Simon and Stuart Bradshaw, with the support of Chairman Ron Beston and Andrew Butterwick as site manager.